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Small college makes huge champion

April 13, 2014



Congratulations to the 2014 NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey National Champions: Union College. The team worked hard over a long season–and well before–to earn their exceptional victory against perennial powerhouse University of Minnesota. Yes, Union had a strong and cohesive team who have dedicated this year to becoming the best college team in hockey. Yes, they have a strong network of support including a progressive coaching staff, talented training staff, and committed sport psychologist (still needed on many college and even professional teams). And, yes, they capitalized on everything they had going for them when it mattered most.

What most distinguishes this victory is the discrepancy in size between the 2 D1 hockey schools, comparing Union’s 2200 students to Minnesota’s 52,000. Union has allocated their resources efficiently and most effectively. I trust all 2200 students as well as staff and alums will continue to enjoy the celebrations!

Way to go Union with your first NCAA championship! You have secured an elite place in hockey history and should be very proud…and I will hope Harvard takes your spot there next year!


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