Zen Master Moves East


Phil Jackson is a remarkable man. His insight links the past to the present, from tapping into Native American and Asian wisdom to motivating professional athletes. Jackson’s quest for personal discovery began with himself, which he openly shares in his bestseller, Sacred Hoops, and extends to his teams.

When I began my career as a performance coach, I had not encountered many people open to mindfulness in sport or business. Having spent time on an Oglala  Sioux reservation years ago and currently researching mindfulness in sport at Harvard University, I can relate to his quest for spiritual knowledge… as well as sporting success. Zen master Jackson continues to inspire me in “walking the talk” as well as sharing his knowledge with other open minds.

Having coached the Lakers to 5 titles, left and returned to the franchise, he now switches coasts and teams to help lead the Knicks to renewed success. The move east stirs many waters and adds an intriguing touch to the season’s final months. Being a loyal Celtics fan, I have never cared to follow the Knicks too closely, but I just may now.

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